On September 16, 1825, a group of believers from the Portland Baptist Church began to meet in a schoolhouse on Washington Street in Westfield with the intention of establishing a new church.  Six years later, in 1831, this group, which now numbered thirty-four, stepped out in faith and separated from the Portland Church to form the First Baptist Church of Westfield, New York.

Since our beginning, we have been committed to the clear proclamation of the Gospel and to the teachings of the scriptures.  Our church continues today as a community of believers actively involved in worship, evangelism, discipleship, fellowship and service.

Our message is contained in the Bible.  It tells us not only true teachings about what to believe and how to live, but it points us to Jesus Christ.  He is presented to us as the Son of God who came into the world to show us what God is like, to be our teacher, to be our example, and to die on the cross in order to deliver us from our sins.

This same Jesus rose from the grave and has returned to God the Father.  All who receive Him by faith as their Savior are granted forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life.  Because He is a living Savior, Christians can enjoy His comfort and strength in the present, as well as anticipate being with Him in the future in the place He is preparing for us.

If you do not have the joy of this personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we urge you to trust Him today.  If you have questions about how to become a Christian, please feel free to contact our pastor, Matt Wolfe